While running with his brothers back in Baron Parish, Jeno's animal of choice was always a panther. The dark coat made it so that his own Pandora-touched alterations never seemed too out of place. It made for a rather useful blend into nature.

Pandora's most common, day-to-day, manifestation is that of various tendrils that sprout out of Jeno's back. They're used not unlike tentacles — elongations of limbs and will. But this is also as his weapons manifest: if Jeno fights without shifting, his tools spin around his back, as if he is governed and sheltered by his weapons, spinning tools he can reach back and grab as he needs.

While Pandora fractures light so as to seem wet, or sliAtck, it is actually a rather smooth touch, not unlike skin. That is because Jeno's shift is not to a new mass but one that is inherent within his very cells; so even if he looks and reacts like a giant mass of heavy, violent and impossibly strong goo — it feels no different than his normal skin, save for when it is in its amorphous shifts between forms.

Being a Baron has given tremendous gifts, but Jeno still has to learn as anyone else has. Seeing as his mother was a linguist and raised him hands on, however, he has an exceptionally easy time with languages. This means, language-wise, he's masterfully fluent in Arabic Egyptian, French, Korean and English with some conversational skills in Spanish, Greek, Runasimi, Wanp'una, Farsi, Latin and Russian. He can read, write and understand Egyptian heiroglyphs, Aramaic, Nahuatl, Olmec, Qusqu and some Antolian.

The group that was responsible for kidnapping Jeno's mother, Leviathan Combinate, is a vastly powerful energy and development firm in Russia — one of their very own "Top 8". They are very mad at Jeno and probably always will be. This, with Jeno's own body count piled up, is what made for his nomination into joining Riot with his own brother, Lucas.

A very fast learner when he applies himself. Jeno, just in the few short years of being a Baron, has learned to play guitar, the violin, drums, read and write in 5 languages proficiently and master several forms of hand to hand combat more efficiently.

The group that kidnapped Jeno and the other orphans for experiments goes by Analytical Improvisational Mutagenesis is a quiet subsidiary of the massive conglomerate RYCORP. Like Leviathan, both A.I.M. and Rycorp are looking for ways to get Pandora back into their grasps.

Carries various cards and small toys around in his backpack, as a means to easily access his gifts. While he can retain some basics, it's always easier to manifest something based off something else — a toy, a card, a comic book. So, Jeno holds onto the important ones: a few vehicles and some useful traits to take on should it be really necessary.

KitBashed is Jeno's YouTube channel and regular 'show' through the uploads. He started it just to give room for people to learn simpler projects (shadow boxes, reupholstering, repairing devices) that has since grown into a steady fanbase and regular viewership. He is interactive with the audience but hasn't shown his face on camera a Kit; he has featured in various Dream things, to mostly do JSMR.

At Eclipse Academy, Jeno was thoroughly interested in exploring vast options of learning. From martial arts to music, he trained in as many tasks as he could and he continues to do so: he can play the violin, the guitar and the drums, is an expert marksman, talented calligrapher and accomplished acrobat all while also having mastered karate, hapkido and some krav maga training. Sports... is another story.

Although Jeno was an incredibly fast child all his life and, likely, could have qualified as a track star, Pandora disqualified him from being able to participate in sporting events. When he did try, things went terribly wrong. So, while he would love to play baseball, or do track and field, or even try out going professional as a fighter, he can't.

The big dream is, of course, to work on cars more. But, Jeno's engineering ideaologies go far beyond just running an auto repair shop: he wants to build everything. Tools, homes, buildings, cars, ships, space shuttles, trains. There isn't a thing of structure in the universe that Jeno hasn't seen and had a curiosity on being able to design and build himself. He literally always has a project going because of this.

Pandora has kept a few "human weaknesses" alive in Jeno despite Jeno's physiology not having any true weaknesses. He has allergies, an aversion to oysters, poor eyesight and bad posture. Each of these comes and goes as they are side effects of what Jeno's biotic physiology tends to expect he requires, rather than any true defining trait.

Favorite Films: Snowpiercer, Attack The Block, Super 8, Beautiful Creatures, The Lion King and Jumanji. Favorite TV Shows: Eureka, Warehouse 13, Supernatural, Legend of The Seeker and The Good Place. Favorite books: Anansi Boys, Good Omens, Children of Blood and Bone and Beasts of Extraordinary Cirumstance. Favorite Musicians: Sinead Harnett, Ben l'Oncle Soul, Bruno Major, Saint Motel, Kaz Hawkins and Maroon 5. Baron Symbols: Coconut, Mint (Flavors & Scents), Fried Dough, White Rums, Royal Blue and Drawings.